Egg Salad from an Empty Fridge

What do you do when you have virtually zero groceries in the fridge and something needs to be packed for lunches? Egg salad sandwiches of course! Mine are basically comprised of just eggs and bread… I wasn’t kidding when I said the fridge was empty. Guess what else I packed in our lunches yesterday? Carrot sticks. The type that I washed, peeled, and sliced. The kind I haven’t had since about the fourth grade. Ah well, desperate times call for desperate measures. Especially come noon and I’ve already been hungry for the last hour. However, egg salad sandwiches and carrot sticks certainly did the trick in a time of need/desperation. I might even indulge in the combination again soon. Lunch was pretty darn tasty.

Egg Salad Sandwiches
(Makes 2)

4 hard boiled eggs
squirt of mayo (I didn’t use a lot in an effort to be health conscious)
1 tsp of fresh chives (From my own garden!)
1/4 tsp of curry powder
salt and pepper to taste


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