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Blueberry and Banana Baked Oatmeal

I decided to make oatmeal of the baked variety on Sunday (which I have never done before) because my Mom was driving down island to visit for the day and I have owed her bunch for quite a while now. … Continue reading

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Strawberry Banana Loaf

I am a sorry excuse of a blogger. Seriously. I made this recipe last week some time. So long ago now that I can’t even remember exactly what day it was. But regardless, it was made and long since disappeared. … Continue reading

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Peach Salad with Almonds

Let me first start off by apologizing for my lack of recipe posts in the last little while. Greg and I have both uprooted our home computers to take up residence in our new office space. FINALLY! However, we no … Continue reading

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Crispy Chicken Tenders

After returning home from a few days away visiting family (including my beautiful cousin’s amazing new baby boy!), I was exhausted. Although the nights were not late and the mornings not even too early, minus my Mom’s wake up call … Continue reading

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Halibut Fish Tacos

Continuing on with my Mexican obsession, because it has clearly not dissipated, I decided to make fish tacos tonight for dinner. This past weekend I consumed more than my fair share of margaritas, and so I felt like making something … Continue reading

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Cookies n’ Cream Cupcakes

I have finally broken out of my baking rut! I have been feeling so uninspired lately that even the most amazing looking baked goods were not doing a thing for me. Usually I would never pass up the opportunity to … Continue reading

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